PowerDeck is an electric pallet conveyor system for use within an enclosed area.

PowerDeck enables the operator to install and remove pallets from a van or truck body without “man-handling”.

PowerDeck was developed in the USA for use in Mercedes Sprinter. While such vans remain the target market, in Australasia opportunities in standard rigid truck bodies will be developed.

PowerDeck will handle multiple pallets and ensure that each can be removed by forklift with the only human effort being that required to release the restraining ropes.

If delivery route changes means the pallets are in the wrong order, the solution is just a few minute away.

PowerDeck ensure smooth handling of goods and enables the consignment to be loaded and unloaded without effort.

Single pallet loads for convenience are usually strapped down at the rear of the van. This is dangerous as is affects vehicle balance and negatively impacts of the braking capabilities of the truck / van.

PowerDeck is not only an OH&S must for pallet handling, it will also have a daily impact on profitability by means of:

  • Quicker delivery turnaround
  • Reduced freight damage
  • Less vehicle wear’n’tear due to incorrect load balance
  • Reduced operator injury