The AL-Light Van Access Ramp is a high quality lightweight aluminium ramp with product weights from only 40kg; yet offering an impressive rated load capacity of 400kg.

Easy to install with a simple mounting kit, AL-Light is equipped with rapid fastening system that enable easy transfer of the van ramp from one vehicle to another.

Flexible plates on the front and rear of the ramp to facilitate loading even with small wheels and with low machines.

The AL-Light Fold out ramp comes standard with an easy swivel mechanism that enables the operator to open and provide access easy access to the rear of the van.

Application suitable for all commercial vehicles with standard widths available from 70cm to 100cm.

Equipped with a special pin to use the ramp as a bridge, which allows the connection between two slopes.

Suitable for many applications including… Catering services / Disabled people / Vending machines dealers / Florist / Gardening / Motorcycles / General cleaning / Equipment hire & repairs