The AL-PLUS Van Access Ramp is a high quality aluminium ramp.  It is the perfect fit if you need a ramp with a load capacity greater than 400kg but not as big as our PC-Heavy at 1000kg .  It offers an impressive rated load capacity of 600kg.

Flexible plates on the front and rear of the ramp to facilitate loading items that may have small wheels or low clearance.

The AL-PLUS Fold out ramp comes standard with an easy swivel mechanism that enables the operator to swing the ramp open and provide easy access to the rear of the van.

Equipped with a special pin to use the ramp as a bridge, which allows the connection between two slopes.

It comes in a standard width of 100cm and is suitable for a range of uses.

Suitable for many applications including… Catering services / Disabled people / Vending machines dealers / Florist / Gardening / Motorcycles / General cleaning / Equipment hire & repairs