AL-Mobile Ramp(300kgs)


The AL MOBILE ramp is Aeroz Products newest addition.  It is made of non-slip aluminum and its main characteristic is its engineered support, ensuring a safe non-fixed connection on to the vehicle.
The support system is  adjustable and provides 4 positions to better adapt to the different heights of vans.   This special system makes the use of the ramp extremely safe and positions evenly with the loading floor.

WM Mobile pic 1WM Mobile Pic 2Wm mobile ramp handlewm mobile ramp resized AL Mobile for website 2

When not in use, the AL MOBILE folds into 2 parts to be easily stowed in the van.
With 2 side handles and its simplicity, it is very easy to handle.
AL MOBILE is equipped with 5 cm raised edges on both sides to eliminate occasions for accident.
The AL MOBILE ramp is 80 cm wide.  Three lengths are available 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m.
The loading capacity is 300 kg.


QUALITY MADE IN ITALY  Exclusive to Aeroz Products