In different countries, Fuelscoop is known by various names, such as Truck Airfoils,  Air deflectors, Wind Deflectors, Roof Scoops or even truck “top hats”.  No matter what you may know them as, Aeroz-America Fuelscoop is the product for you.

Fuelscoop substantially improves fuel efficiency, truck stability, driver safety, drive train wear’n’tear and it can be easily painted and branded. In addition to offering excellent aerodynamic features, Fuel scoop is now secured to the factory mount points by means of a colour matched moulded mounting base.  This system over many hundreds of Fuelscoops has proven to be faultless.  In most cases the mounting can be performed by dealers and owners in an hour or so.

Fuelscoop is manufactured in a computer matched gelcoat colour.  Fuelscoop air deflectors are available in different heights: 32″ and 40″ high.  The convex design enhances the modern lines of today’s truck cab and smooths out airflow over the body front wall and onto the roof.  A Fuelscoop adds to the performance of a cone-type device fitted to a truck body or semi-trailer by ensuring that the underside of the cone is not able to deflect the airflow down behind the truck cab.

Fuel savings in excess of 10% are normal, with some clients reporting 20% on smaller trucks.