The Fridgescoop Moulded Platform is not just another product – IT IS A SOLUTION!

The Moulded Platform enables a roof-mounted deflector to be intstalled even though a fridge unit overhangs the cab.  It also provides a platform/catwalk on the roof to service the fridge.  In contrast to an ugly metal construction that catches air which causes turbulence and noise, the Fridgescoop Moulded Platform is fully moulded, secured to the truck roof using the factory mount points and double-sided tape ensuring no “chatter”.  The work area is also reinforced and finished as a non-slip surface.

  • Deflects airflow from under fridge
  • Lifts the airflow to assist in deflecting bugs above fridge condenser
  • Sealed to roof line to avoid airflow turbulence
  • Reinforced to avoid cracking
  • Non-slip strips to work area
  • Colour matched to cab
  • Mounts to factory roof mount points

Fridgescoop Fuel Savings Calculator

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