Aeroz-America has a limited range of high quality fully moulded Sunvisors for Trucks. Each Sunvisor is manufactured in Australia using the highest quality raw materials, and all are supplied in a gloss colour matched gelcoat in-mould coating. Alternatively, it can supply by special order in a sandable grey for painting to a specific colour.

The Aeroz-America Sunvisors are not ‘peaks’ sticking out to catch the airflow. All models to improve aerodynamics are designed with a gap between visor and windscreen to allow the airflow.

Powder coated metal brackets are used on some models for side support only; and unlike similar designs supplied in Acrylic, due to a clever composition of two mouldings bonded together the fibreglass ‘blade is self supported, with no heavy metal bars.

Truck models are supplied with pre-wired LED marker lights, and the back mount points are moulded to the cab shape at the point of connection.

TRUCK SUNVISORS – available for Isuzu F-Series  and N-Series models