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Aerotrans Australia is a leader in Truck Aerodynamics such as Fuelscoops, Aerokits, and Nosecones. It’s USA trading business, Aeroz-America, includes an extensive range of wind-tunnel road proven truck, trailer and rigid body aerodynamic devices including Fuelscoop and Fridgescoop, and Fuelscoop Full Aerokits.

The Original Fuelscoop has been used since the 1980’s and remains the most cost effective retro-fit aerodynamic device available. For lower mileage and older models there is no better option. When a Fuelscoop air deflector is fitted in front of a body/trailer mounted NoseCone, it will prevent the airflow being deflected down behind the cab. In different countries, a Fuelscoop is known by various names, such as a Air foil, truck scoop, Air Deflector, Wind Deflector, Spoiler and even a ‘Top Hat’.

Aeroz-America recognizes the changing times and the current market needs. To not only be effective, but to also enhance the modern truck designs and fit to factory approved mount points, Fuelscoop  was further developed and, in Australia, is now the most popular roof mounted truck wind deflector device available.

The exciting development of Fridgescoop  offers an aerodynamic wind deflector to those refrigerated transport companies to finally have a practical and effective opportunity to reduce their fuel consumption. At the same time due to some unique design features Fridgescoop also addresses critical Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) issues.

In each case, while features and benefits are promoted, never is quality compromised at the expense of cost as all Aeroz-America are “DESIGNED to WORK – MADE to LAST”.


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