Aerotrans Australia is a leader in Truck Aerodynamics such as Fuelscoops, Aerokits, and Nosecones. It’s USA trading business, Aeroz-America, includes an extensive range of wind-tunnel road proven truck, trailer and rigid body aerodynamic devices including Fuelscoop and Fridgescoop, and Fuelscoop Full Aerokits.

The Original Fuelscoop has been used since the 1980’s and remains the most cost effective retro-fit aerodynamic device available. For lower mileage and older models there is no better option. When a Fuelscoop air deflector is fitted in front of a body/trailer mounted NoseCone, it will prevent the airflow being deflected down behind the cab. In different countries, a Fuelscoop is known by various names, such as a Air foil, truck scoop, Air Deflector, Wind Deflector, Spoiler and even a ‘Top Hat’.

Aeroz-America recognizes the changing times and the current market needs. To not only be effective, but to also enhance the modern truck designs and fit to factory approved mount points, Fuelscoop  was further developed and, in Australia, is now the most popular roof mounted truck wind deflector device available.

The exciting development of Fridgescoop  offers an aerodynamic wind deflector to those refrigerated transport companies to finally have a practical and effective opportunity to reduce their fuel consumption. At the same time due to some unique design features Fridgescoop also addresses critical Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) issues.

In each case, while features and benefits are promoted, never is quality compromised at the expense of cost as all Aeroz-America are “DESIGNED to WORK – MADE to LAST”.


In different countries, Fuelscoop is known by various names, such as Truck Airfoils,  Air deflectors, Wind Deflectors, Roof Scoops or even truck “top hats”.  No matter what you may know them as, Aeroz-America Fuelscoop is the product for you.

Fuelscoop substantially improves fuel efficiency, truck stability, driver safety, drive train wear’n’tear and it can be easily painted and branded. In addition to offering excellent aerodynamic features, Fuel scoop is now secured to the factory mount points by means of a colour matched moulded mounting base.  This system over many hundreds of Fuelscoops has proven to be faultless.  In most cases the mounting can be performed by dealers and owners in an hour or so.

Fuelscoop is manufactured in a computer matched gelcoat colour.  Fuelscoop air deflectors are available in different heights: 32″ and 40″ high.  The convex design enhances the modern lines of today’s truck cab and smooths out airflow over the body front wall and onto the roof.  A Fuelscoop adds to the performance of a cone-type device fitted to a truck body or semi-trailer by ensuring that the underside of the cone is not able to deflect the airflow down behind the truck cab.

Fuel savings in excess of 10% are normal, with some clients reporting 20% on smaller trucks.









Released in 2009, this vehicle specific roof device is fully moulded and fits to factory mounting points. It has a reinforced non-slip rear platform on which to stand to assist servicing the fridge unit

Years of successful installations of Fridgescoop roof mounted areodynamic devices on medium and large rigid refrigerated trucks have proven savings well in excess of ten percent.  As a result of this success, Aeroz-Products have now introduced a Fridgescoop for smaller rigid trucks.  In addition to the obvious fuel savings benefit, by installing Fridgescoop, these smaller trucks will have increased stability, improved performance and generally be safer for the occupants.  Also, the Fridgescoop allows for frontal company branding that wasn’t possible with a fridge unit.



The Fridgescoop Moulded Platform is not just another product – IT IS A SOLUTION!

The Moulded Platform enables a roof-mounted deflector to be intstalled even though a fridge unit overhangs the cab.  It also provides a platform/catwalk on the roof to service the fridge.  In contrast to an ugly metal construction that catches air which causes turbulence and noise, the Fridgescoop Moulded Platform is fully moulded, secured to the truck roof using the factory mount points and double-sided tape ensuring no “chatter”.  The work area is also reinforced and finished as a non-slip surface.

  • Deflects airflow from under fridge
  • Lifts the airflow to assist in deflecting bugs above fridge condenser
  • Sealed to roof line to avoid airflow turbulence
  • Reinforced to avoid cracking
  • Non-slip strips to work area
  • Colour matched to cab
  • Mounts to factory roof mount points


Aeroz-America has a limited range of high quality fully moulded Sunvisors for Trucks.

Each Sunvisor is manufactured in Australia using the highest quality raw materials, and all are supplied in a gloss colour matched gelcoat in-mould coating. Alternatively, it can supply by special order in a sandable grey for painting to a specific colour.

The Aeroz-America Sunvisors are not ‘peaks’ sticking out to catch the airflow. All models to improve aerodynamics are designed with a gap between visor and windscreen to allow the airflow.

Powder coated metal brackets are used on some models for side support only; and unlike similar designs supplied in Acrylic, due to a clever composition of two mouldings bonded together the fibreglass ‘blade is self supported, with no heavy metal bars.

Truck models are supplied with pre-wired LED marker lights, and the back mount points are moulded to the cab shape at the point of connection.

TRUCK SUNVISORS – available for Isuzu F-Series  and N-Series models


In these days of increasing running costs for transport operators every viable option to reduce costs in areas that don’t impact on customer service and operation safety needs to be evaluated. Once the truck cab is fully fitted out with either a roof device, or full aerodynamic kit, the next area that should be assessed is the area under the truck body and/or trailer.

It is generally understood and now scientifically proven that the turbulence from the gap under a body or trailer can negatively impact on the economy and handling of the truck-trailer and / or rigid body combination. Exhaustive tests of under trailer skirts in the USA have consistently demonstrated fuel savings and the U.S. EPA have provided “CARB Compliance” under their “SmartWay” initiative that is only provided where a product achieves fuel efficiency gains over 5 percent.

The difference between the new Fuel-Skirts from Aeroz Products and what is available in the USA, is that the American product is all about functionality with the products offered either being of dated design or simply aesthetically unpleasant. Fuel-Skirts achieve aerodynamically all required, but as with all Aeroz-products Fuel-Skirts design enhances the aesthetics of the trailer or body.

The best way to ensure that an aerodynamic device works is that its strength and rigidity is able to deflect airflow rather than be deflected by the airflow and turbulence. The high quality moulded Fuel-Skirt panels are designed for minimum weight and maximum rigidity. Further to this in recognition of the application working conditions consideration has also been applied to developing a quick change system to reduce down time for repair and or replacement.

By product quality and aerodynamic performance Fuel-Skirts are further evidence that to the transport industry Aeroz-Products remains the leader in all things aerodynamic.