Is Your Van Your Office?

Make your Van all it can be with an Aeroz-Products Bulkhead.

Our Divider/Bulkheads are moulded Fibreglass – NOT a mesh screen.

Our Dividers are moulded to fit YOUR particular model of van.  Also, the cabin side has carpet and allows the seats to still recline.

The result is a quality Divider/Bulkhead that insulates the cabin from the sound, smell and temperature in the cargo area.

Comfortable, Stylish and Practical.

07014 – VW Caddy Divider SWB


Aero-Products Van Catalogues Out Now!

We’ve been listening to you.  You have been asking for more detailed information than our brochures. We’ve taken our time and hopefully all our business partners throughout Australasia will agree that the new Aeroz-Products Van equipment catalogue is a resource worth the wait.

Aeroz have Van Products too

We have so many Truck Products, but did you know we also stock Van Products. See one of our best selling ramps in action.

The Superlight ramp is the latest loading solution range from WM System with its gas spring assistance, the ramp is super light weight to operate. Superlight is equipped with a quick-release system which allows for easy transfer between any light commercial vehicle. There are 2 standard lengths of 200cm & 250cm, with a standard capacity of 250kg.

The non-slip aluminium floor allows for safe and easy loading of all types of goods and equipment.

Suitable for many applications including; Catering services, Disability equipment, Motorcycles and Parcel transportation.


The estimated fuel savings in this web-site are specific to product type, based on many years of customer feedback. Many factors influence fuel savings; should you like a performance estimate more specific to your application, please call 1300-4-AEROZ or 03 9753 4555. 

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