Is Your Van Your Office?

Make your Van all it can be with an Aeroz-Products Bulkhead.

Our Divider/Bulkheads are moulded Fibreglass – NOT a mesh screen.

Our Dividers are moulded to fit YOUR particular model of van.  Also, the cabin side has carpet and allows the seats to still recline.

The result is a quality Divider/Bulkhead that insulates the cabin from the sound, smell and temperature in the cargo area.

Comfortable, Stylish and Practical.

07014 – VW Caddy Divider SWB


Let’s Break it down – How much money will YOU really save with Fuelscoop?

A Fuelscoop added to your Truck –

  • If you drive 60,000 km / year
  • With the current price of Diesel at $1.50L avg
  • Do you get around 4.5 km/ litre?
  • For Every Tank of Fuel you go through – you will save at least 10% (or more) on most trucks

That is $50 per week

Which is $200 /month

And $2400 /year  savings on YOUR Running expenses EVERY SINGLE YEAR

See our Fuel Calculator on our Fuelscoop webpage to calculate YOUR SAVINGS!

What could you do with $2400?


NoseCone – Not Just a Bubble on the Front Wall

Nosecone – one of the best investments you can make for your truck, trailer, caravan or box trailer.

NoseCone is the simplest, most effective truck body or trailer aerodynamic device, offering maintenance free fuel saving and aerodynamic performance for the life of the vehicle, in many applications a proven 10% in fuel savings.

Aeroz-Products provides a Range of 31 different sizes for you to choose from  – PLUS our FuelCone and FuelCone Slim Range.


What a Beaut!

Rush Truck Centers beautiful new F-Series Isuzu with an Aeroz-America Fuelscoop.

Lower Your Costs Even More with Fuelskirts!

The Price of Diesel is still on the rise.

The USA EPA testing confirms that approved ‘skirts’ provide at least 5% fuel savings.

Fuelskirts – Another piece of Armour for Your Semi-trailer or Rigid Body Truck in the battle against the rising cost of fuel.


Fridgescoop – Beat the Rising Cost of Fuel for Refrigerated Trucks!

FUEL PRICES ARE ONLY RISING – Fuelscoops on Trucks save on Fuel Costs

But What About Trucks With Refrigerated Bodies?

PFD added a Fridgescoop to their Isuzu N-Series Trucks and gained a 12.2% Savings in Fuel Costs

Get an Advantage over Rising Fuel Costs!  Add a Fridgescoop and save at least 10% on your Fuel Costs!

Aero-Products Van Catalogues Out Now!

We’ve been listening to you.  You have been asking for more detailed information than our brochures. We’ve taken our time and hopefully all our business partners throughout Australasia will agree that the new Aeroz-Products Van equipment catalogue is a resource worth the wait.


The estimated fuel savings in this web-site are specific to product type, based on many years of customer feedback. Many factors influence fuel savings; should you like a performance estimate more specific to your application, please call 1300-4-AEROZ or 03 9753 4555. 

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