Special Projects

1. Ensuites on Tow

Having been recommended to Aerotrans Australia, the inventors of the “Ensuites-on-Tow” sought to have one supplier for the total project, from pattern making, then mould production to the manufacturing of all components and assembly of the final product.

So what was Aerotrans Australia responsible for developing…?

a. The outer shell of the mobile bathroom
b. The moulded non-slip floor
c. The moulded internal front wall, included basin holder
d. The moulded entry door
e. The rear steps
f. The moulded guards
g. The moulded front access door

What else did Aerotrans Australia do…?

– Manufactured all the moulds and components for the mobile bathroom.- assembled all components onto a supplied trailer
– Contracted qualified tradesmen where certification was required
– Detailed prior to delivery to client.