Projects – Isuzu Trucks


1. Isuzu Trucks

a.  When the ‘New generation’ Isuzu was released in Australia, Isuzu sought assistance from Aerotrans Australia to help them develop a full range of truck cab aerodynamic devices.

b. Starting with the N-Series, the project developed to cover the F-Series wide and narrow cabs, then the C-Series Giga and finally the full kit for the Giga-Max. Both Giga models not only needed a roof device, they also required specially designed side cab extenders to overcome huge gaps between truck and trailers caused by Australian regulations.

c. While Isuzu Australia largely presented their design requirements they realised they needed a company of Aerotrans’ calibre to bring the project to a satisfactory completion. Their decision has been supported by an almost 100% perfect decade of product and service quality supply.

d. Many companies can produce components, Isuzu Australia have been the recipients of a supply experience that is far more holistic than just product.