Projects – Trailers


1.  Maxitrans

a.  Bowfront – for many years the quality of product had been an ongoing issue until Aerotrans Australia redeveloped the design and commenced production. A product that had been the source of negative discussion for years finally was imply supplied, fitted and forgotten.This all started from a question during a factory visit to Aerotrans at which the question was asked, “who paints your products?” The surprise to know that no products being viewed were painted, but rather the standard ex-mould production quality resulted in nearly two decades of almost 100% trouble free supply.

b.  Van Rear In-Fill Panels – recognising that Aerotrans Australia was a company that could trusted to both develop and manufacture quality products, other collaborations were developed included the development of a rear of van moulded “in-fill panel” that not only improved the aesthetics of the van rear. They also position and hold the trailer lights.


c.  Trailer-Skirts  while not as well accepted in Australia as in most developed countries, trailer manufacturers in Australia, not wishing to miss out when accepted will look to associate themselves with the product type at times of brand promotion. To demonstrate this awareness Maxitrans utilised the available concept FuelSkirts from Aerotrans Australia to use on a new design Tautliner® at a Melbourne Truck Show.

2.  TopStart Trailers

Desiring to achieve some individualization, TopStart Trailers approached Aerotrans Australia to develop their own ‘cone-type’ moulding for the front of their curtain-sided trailers.

Although Aerotrans was restricted by operating conditions, nevertheless, they still achieved an end product that quickly identifies the trailer manufacturer.

For over a decade flawless front wall mouldings have been supplied, again without the slightest problem in product and service quality.

3.  Vawdrey Australia

From supplying the rear refrigerated doors for its refrigerated vans, developing and supplying moulded side doors, to supplying its standard Aeroz-Products NoseCone®, Aerotrans Australia has been supplying Vawdrey Australia for many years.

So when Wickham Transport asked Vawdrey to supply a trailer with trailer skirts, Aeroz-Products Fuelskirts manufactured by Aerotrans were the obvious choice.

Of course nothing is easy in the transport game and confirming this fact, on this particular trailer the client needed six opening doors; three on each side. The challenge was set and once again Aerotrans rose to the occasion with the end-result being a practical, fuel efficient, and without doubt, aesthetically impressive.

4.  Krueger Trailers

After a client enquiry, Krueger Trailers, a manufacturer of Schmitz Cargo Bull semi trailer vans,  sought to work with Aerotrans Australia to adapt the Aeroz-Products FuelSkirts to suit its client’s build specification.

The end result is nothing less than spectacular with the wind-tunnel developed leading edge the Fuelskirts.