Projects- Navistar Trucks

2.  Navistar

a.  With a desire to reintroduce the International brand of trucks into Australia, a local supply of cab mounted aerodynamics were needed.  Due to its nearly three decade history with the International brand, Aerotrans Australia was approached to first develop a roof device to suit the extended cab ProStar.

b.  This was followed up by a contract to redevelop to longer version as a low profile kit for tippers and tankers etc.

c.  Through the positive engagement and service of Aerotrans within these two projects, it was then asked to develop an aerodynamic cowling to fit perfectly to the add-on sleeper box.

d.  Through this time the DayCab aerodynamic fairing was being imported with the trucks from Mexico. However, through the total development and supply experience, Aerotrans was then approached to redevelop the DayCab fairing.  Therefore, as the International brand is being reintroduced through the Iveco dealer network, Aerotrans Australia is the sole supplier for all aerodynamic fairings.