Projects – BUS


1. Volgren (Vic)

Aerotrans was a major fibreglass component supplier to Volgren until the bus company switched its supply source to China. For many years Aerotrans acted as a support supplier, but gradually increased its supply quantity due to both the quality of product and service.

So good was Aerotrans Australia’s performance that at one point Volgren’s internal QC Manager in an internal report suggested that Volgren needed more suppliers at Aerotrans level.

While supply is now restricted to ‘Parts’ supply, prior to Volgren seeking cheap components out of China, Aerotrans supplied many internal and external components. Included in the long list were… bus fronts, bumpers, bus rears, dash tops, dash uprights, electrical cabinets, driver consoles to mention just a few.

Included in this association success were components supplied to Volgren for buses that were supplied to export markets such as Singapore.

2. Custom Coaches (NSW)

Aerotrans Australia, prior to being a mainline supplier to Volgren, also supplied to Custom Coaches, including interior parts such as a unique padded dashboard.