Even when a truck is fitted with a cab mounted Full Aerodynamic Kit there is often considerable space between the rear of the truck and the front wall of the trailer, especially at the top. By fitting a NoseCone, airflow will be deflected above the trailer front facia, thereby assisting performance, stability and reducing fuel consumption.

Additionally, when there are a variety of trucks combined with a specific trailer, a NoseCone ensures that some aerodynamic improvement is available, even if towed by an older truck without cab mounted aerodynamics.

Generally the Semi-Trailer NoseCone variants are either 2100mm or 2400mm wide, with 2500mm for vans, Stock Crates, etc.  Most commonly used Semi-Trailer NoseCone variants used would be 2700mm, 2400mm, 1650mm and 1450mm high. The best design and sizes can be chosen from variety of partial or full-frontal products within the NoseCone range (including FuelCone and FuelConeSlim) – [refer to Catalogue & Dimensions].

Specific performance varies depending on application, dimensions and type of NoseCone chosen, but through nearly 40years experience, 8-12% reduction in fuel usage is likely, if the driving style and conditions are the same as prior to installation.


Nosecone Fuel Savings Calculator

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