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Truck aerodynamics for rigid trucks is gradually developing, from truck body mounted products to those mounted onto truck cabs. Fuelscoop is the cab-mounted aerodynamic solution for most rigid trucks. Nevertheless, the use of NoseCone is also increasing, due to a number of valid reasons.

For many years NoseCone has been the number one name associated with rigid truck aerodynamics, and this brand recognition remains high. Further to this, NoseCone is a less expensive first step aerodynamic choice which makes it the logical choice for older trucks, trucks needing to travel less than 15,000 kilometres per annum, and inner suburban and/or city trucks that have occasional runs out of town.

Further to this, the increasing awareness of aerodynamics as the best means by which fuel usage can be reduced, has led quite often to a NoseCone being used in combination with a cab mounted Fuelscoop.  Usually this is when the height of the body is in excess of around 100mm above the top of the Fuelscoop.  By linking the two, the airflow from the Fuelscoop will be further guided upwards by the top curve of the NoseCone.

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