Systems – Glass Fibre Chopping

Glass Fibre Chopping

1. First one starts with a perfect mould, waxed, polished and prepped for production.

2. Then careful, skilled application of ‘in-mould’ coating – Gelcoat (in this case white)

3. After gelcoat is cured in our heat area at just the right time the glass fibre rovings are chopped into the flowing resin and is carefully, evenly applied over the total mould surface.

4. Prior to curing the total area is hand rolled to ensure that there are no air bubbles that may cause product failure after supply.

5. Once all air bubbles are rolled out, the cure process continues for a few hours. While this process is underway, some products have stiffening membranes inserted to add rigidity at minimal additional weight.

6. At the relevant time the product is released from the mould, the demoulding flanges are trimmed, along with any specific shaping for installation of component on equipment.

7. Product is detailed, packed and sent to either warehouse or client.