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Most articulated trucks and medium to high annual kilometer rigid trucks can justify fitting a Full Truck  Aerodynamic Kit with a wider, higher roof device combined with matching cab extenders (or, ‘wings’).

The full kit roof device is usually 1200mm above where it joins to the cab extenders. The cab extenders in standard form are around 450mm long. If the gap behind the cab is not adequate to fit the extenders special customizing work can reduce the length of the cab extenders at an extra cost.

Full aerodynamic kits are manufactured in a colour-matched gelcoat to suit the factory standard white. Product preparation and manufacturing quality ensures ease of painting if a colour other than white is required.

Aeroz Products full aerodynamic kits are either wind-tunnel developed or based on the findings of wind-tunnel tests. As a result Aerotrans is able to confidently claim that its full aerodynamic kits are “Styled to Work, Made to Last!” While the wind tunnel information is valuable, of even more relevance to most truck owners is the fact that on-road results consistently demonstrate substantial savings. Officially, Aerotrans using the results of a broad range of clients over many years will state that a full aerodynamic kit will provide 12 to 16% fuel saving on an articulated application and 15% plus for a rigid truck. However with rigid trucks far greater savings are expected, with examples available of fleets that have saved well in excess of 25%.