Aeroz is a leader in Truck Aerodynamics. Aeroz Products include an extensive range of wind-tunnel road proven truck, trailer and rigid body aerodynamic devices including the Original Fuelscoop and Fuelscoop.

The Original Fuelscoop is the most famous, and to this day remains the most cost effective retro-fit device available. For lower kilometre use and older models there is no better option.  When a Fuelscoop air deflector is fitted in front of a body mounted NoseCone, it will prevent the airflow being deflected down behind the cab.  In different countries Fuelscoop is known by various names, such as a truck Airfoil, Air Deflector, Wind Deflector and Spoiler.

Recognising the changing times and the current market needs, to not only be effective, but also enhance the modern truck designs and fit to factory approved mount points, Fuelscoop  was further developed and is now the most popular roof mounted wind deflector device available.

The exciting development of Fridgescoop  offers a aerodynamic deflector to those refrigerated transport companies to finally have a practical and effective opportunity to reduce their fuel consumption. At the same time due to some unique design features Fridgescoop also addresses critical Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) issues.

The wind-tunnel developed Fuelcone originated from working out how to improve on the U.S. designed ‘NoseCone®.’ The results were successful, and Fuelcone since its development has proven to be the most effective body & trailer mounted device available. The practice of most cones being fitted by body builders has led to ease of fitment being more important than aerodynamic effectiveness. To be able to compete at body builder level Fuelcone Slim was developed which is easy to fit but unlike common wind cone designs, it has a flat base and does not deflect airflow down behind the cab.

By means of wind tunnel development Aeroz range of Full Aerodynamic Kits (cab roof device and cab side extenders), provides substantial aerodynamic effectiveness for both rigid and articulated applications. A full aerokit is available for most makes and models and is the best option for when a truck is new or if distances travelled are in excess of 50,000 – 70,000 per annum.

While Aeroz is known for truck aerodynamic devices, and for nearly two decades has provided substantial fuel savings to the Australian transport industry, it now is providing an increasing number of practical, effective and functional products for the transport industry including Commercial Vans   such as a high-quality range of non-hydraulic Van Ramps.  In each case, while features and benefits are promoted, never is quality compromised at the expense of cost as all Aeroz are “STYLED to WORK – MADE to LAST”.

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